Can we eradicate cancer by educating our own immune system?

While the field of Cancer Immunotherapy has made huge strides in recent years, we are far from realizing its full power and potential.


Immune checkpoint inhibitors (CPIs) for example, which work by removing the brakes on immunosuppressed T-cells, have produced amazing results. But, they generally work by augmenting pre-existing T-cell immunity and only benefit a subset of patients.


Clearly, there remains a critical need for new strategies that can address these limitations and evoke potent and durable anti-tumor immune responses.

The EVOQ NanoDisc Technology

EVOQ Therapeutics is pioneering the development of a proprietary platform that represents a genuine breakthrough in cancer vaccine technology. We have demonstrated that delivering antigens and adjuvants via our synthetic high-density lipoprotein (sHDL) NanoDisc Vaccine evokes an immune response that is 30 times more powerful than the best antigen adjuvant combinations.


Our vaccine produces robust anti-tumor immunity against new tumor epitopes (regardless of pre-existing immunity) while broadening T-cell responses against multiple tumor epitopes.


Furthermore, when used in combination with CPIs, our vaccine generates striking levels of anti-tumor immunity that eradicates established tumors and protects animals against tumor recurrence.


With EVOQ’s breakthrough technology, and recent discoveries of novel shared neo-antigens – the promise of safe and effective cancer vaccines for patients suffering from brain cancer is now within reach.

Advantages of the EVOQ NanoDisc Vaccine

Our NanoDisc Vaccine produces a superior T-cell response through quicker and more effective targeting of the lymph-system. 

The versatility and carrying capacity of the EVOQ NanoDisc Vaccine, allows for efficient delivery of wide range of peptides and adjuvants in a simple SC injection. It has been tested with Poly IC:LC, CpG, and a diverse set of more than 80 peptides to date.

The EVOQ NanoDisc has a clean safety profile - already tested in man - and is well-positioned for rapid development in cancer.

EVOQ NanoDisc manufacturing is well characterized, it is highly stable (2+ years), and has an attractive cost-of-goods.